Take the Fifth

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Perfecting our craft, one song at a time, Take the Fifth started as four guys making chords in Ed's kitchen down the street from Barnstable Village.  Since then, we've sung in contests, before first pitches, in quiet cathedrals, under stairwells, on the radio, in hallways, before road races, on stages, in lobbies, and in loud restaurants.  Every year gets better and better, and we hope it never ends.

Take the Fifth is (left to right)

  • Steve Stein, Tenor
  • John Paton, Lead
  • Ed Crowley, Bass
  • Robb Topolski, Baritone


Awards and Achievements: 
  • Novice Contestant, 2018 Division and District Prelim Contest
  • Most Improved Quartet, 2019 Division Contest