Order a Singing Valentine's Day Delivery


"I Love You"

With a Singing Valentine

And leave your sweetheart speechless!!

Nothing tells someone you care like a Singing Valentine from Cape Cod's own Surftones barbershop chorus. For as little as $50, a barbershop quartet will serenade your sweetheart at home, at work, or anywhere else you choose on the Cape.

Your thoughtfulness will be remembered, too.  Your Valentine will receive a special package of gifts that say "I Love You" long after the song has ended:

A Valentine serenade,
a red rose, a card,
a box of chocolates, and
a we'll take a photo and send it to you.




  • $50 - Cupid's Arrow (delivery anytime on Valentine's Day)
  • $60 - Close to Love (Valentine's Day, within your specific 90 minute window)
  • $75 - Straight to the Heart (Valentine's Day, within your specific 15 minute window -- or any other day)

You can place your order below or by phone by calling the Cape Cod Surftones Valentine Hotline at 508-470-1070.  Once your order has been placed, you can make your payment via phone or online here.

Your full name (matches your credit card or other payment method)
The billing address or credit card address of the purchaser, for payment
So we don't spoil the surprise, how do we reach you and only you? (your personal private phone number, work number, text number, or email address)
Who the gift is from ... we'll sing... "Valentine's Greetings from __________ do we bring..." ... e.g. one word name, lovebird nickname or pet name, et cetera...
The person receiving the gift ... include a pet name or nickname that we should use if it's appropriate ...
We'll deliver on Cape Cod to this address
(optional) If there's anything important/useful that we should know about making this delivery, entry door code, house description, and so on...
(optional) if this is a restaurant, business, or secure facility, whom should we contact for permission (e.g. manager or supervisor name and number)...
We'll confirm the delivery time on our secure payment page or, if you call, when you speak to us. But, if there is anything else we need to know to make this the most memorable and successful experience, please say so above...